Vietnam | Love what you do

Had my hair cut and my beard shaved in a local barber shop in Hoi An, during my trip in Vietnam. The place looked incredibly cool, with discolored walls and pinups photos everywhere. I had to stop.
It was such a cool experience, and it’s something I recommend doing on each travel. You get to know a lot about the place you visit by getting in touch with local professionals, because you get to understand a lot of them in the way they do their job.
While this man was shaving me, I realized so many things about Vietnam. The calmness and the cure he had made me realize that it doesn’t matter what you do; what matters is the way you do it. It was a sacred moment, he used the -not really in amazing conditions- razor like it was new.
I never had a better shave in my life. I’ll stop by in Hoi An again in the future just for this. Make sure you try it if ou are around







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