Heroes of L.A.

Heroes_of_LA-10Last May I’ve had the chance of working on a personal project I had in mind for a while: taking portraits of strangers in L.A. where I’ve been living for the past three years, working and perfecting my craft. In a sense, it was my way to give something back to the amazing people I lived with, and to a country I loved so much that it felt like a second home to me. LA is a city you hate or love. But even if you hate it and you can give it the time, it will grow on you. With all its different people and cultures, it’s really open to diversity and it’s the perfect environment for artists: in LA, sooner or later, you’ll become who you want to be, it’s just a matter of time.

“Heroes of LA” is my tribute to the cultural diversity of this city, and to the amazing people who live in it. Focusing mostly on the area between Venice and Santa Monica, I’ve started to stop people asking to have their portraits taken. Almost everybody helped me with this project, telling me their stories, their background, their life, always sharing a smile. I’ve decided to share some of this stories, in images, because in LA the way you look is the way you are.


More on my website, www.arnaldoabba.com


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