NVAL International Photography Show

I’ve had the privilege of having three images selected for the Gold Awards at the North Valley Art League gallery International Photography show 2014 in Redding, California. These images have been exhibited along with other fellow photographers’ work from April 29th to May 31st 2014. It’s such an honor to have been part of such an amazing body of work, with so many talented photographers from all over the world.

One of these images, Seascape #1 (below), won third place. It’s always a pleasure when someone else recognize quality in your work, especially when your work turns out the way you wanted it to be, and when it’s a favorite of yours as well. Sometimes it happens that we are attached to photographs that other people don’t like as much, because we are too involved and these images are a part of our world: they speak so much to us, but not as much to others. For this reason, this is the best prize you can ever get as a visual artist: to have others seeing value in what you do. And I’m blessed to have had such a recognition.

Seascape #1
Seascape #1




Gui Mattia






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