Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

Last December I had the chance of taking some portraits of the ex-pornstar – now dj, actress and writer – Sasha Grey, at her house in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Sasha Grey

I wanted these portraits to be different from the usual idea of the Sasha Grey we have, sexy and provocative. I wanted these photos to be real, personal and intimate. And most of all, I wanted them to be about her.

I’ve used mostly my 4×5 camera, which slowed down the whole process and brought us to a more relaxed atmosphere and experience. But it also made it really difficult when we had one of these portraits taken with her beautiful Doberman, Macready, which was getting really nervous when I was trying to focus under the cloth (and when a dog like that growls at you, weather or not you fear dogs, you would get kinda nervous too…). Anyway, after 30 minutes of frustrating attempts, we were able to get the shot I wanted and I feel I was able to capture a different Sasha Grey, in a mysterious and ethereal look, but also very real and sincere.

Sasha Grey


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