ONE (continued)

I’ve talked about “ONE” in a previous post, and I wanted to share some more images from it.

As I said, “ONE” is a personal project shot on 4×5 camera with Fuji FP-100C film with bleach processing on the negative. The portraits want to show the unique natural beauty of every human in the too often unrealistically polished world of photography.

I decided to use a 4×5 camera because it’s a slow and quiet experience, the complete opposite of digital. In doing so I could really focus my eye and attention on the subject. On their side, the people photographed perceive the moment of the photograph as something more valuable, because of the one and only shot opportunity, and because of the very nature of film: it’s unique, and it’s forever. It becomes special because of it, and it makes you embrace its imperfections.

And that’s what these portraits are about. They want to represent the unique nature of every person and their own intrinsic beauty. In today’s world where social media always push our idealized “best” side to come out (selfies are just one example of it), I wanted to celebrate the beauty and simplicity of young people: the beauty that makes them “them”, the beauty that makes them ONE.


Mattia Venni

Demì Ward


Ashley Frangie

Augusta Sagnelli


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