When I was back at home in Italy during these Christmas vacations, I was hitching to shoot, all the time. Having all my gear where I live in Santa Barbara, California, it was very frustrating not to be able to shoot as I wanted, using lights or with my 4×5 camera. I literally just had my digital camera, along with a polaroid sx-70. I started to be frustrated by the situation, and not having my gear was often becoming an excuse not to shoot, because after all “it’s not how I want to shoot it”, so why bother, right?


One day I met Giovanni and I immediately knew that he was an interesting person and that I had to take some portraits of him. And I’ve learned in these years, that whenever you have that feeling, you just have to let everything go: the awkward embarrassing moment of asking somebody to take their portrait, the fear, and the excuses that we use to convince ourself we are right, the one that we use to remain “safe”.

I was able to let everything go, and I’ve just used natural light, because after all, light is everywhere. Sometimes we over think and always add light, blind to what is already there. No need to say I love these portraits. And even if I hated them, I would have least tried something new, and discovered why I didn’t like them. Photography is not for everyone, you can only do something meaningful when you push yourself out of your comfort zone. That’s why I’m never tired of it, it always make me face my own limits, and eventually, overcome them.

Portrait of Giovanni




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