Pacific Standard Magazine

Pacific Standard

Some of my images are featured in an article on the May/June issue of the Pacific Standard, which is an amazing publication: it features in-depth articles about economy, education, culture, environment, etc… It is true journalism, which is really hard to find nowadays, where we check news on the web for no more than a couple of minutes/clicks. For the italian people, “Internazionale” is the magazine that can be compared to it, in term of quality and content.


A few months ago, my friend Lucas Aznar (who shot beautiful portraits for the same article) and I have been sent to Pismo beach to shoot “Pismodise”, a trailer park where people retire, right in front of the sandy beaches of Pismo, California. We’ve spent two days there, following the life of a small group of people, to document their life. Despite the premises (you cannot live in the trailer park if you are younger than 55), I had one of the most fun time since I came in the U.S.. Since death is so close, a small group of people created a daily “teraphy session”, which takes place in Deenah’s porch, usually at 3PM. During these sessions, they have a drink (ehm, more than one actually), chat, and have fun. I’ve spent there a wonderful afternoon, and when I arrived home my face was hurting for how much I’ve laughed. Here’s a photo I took during my therapy session. Needless to say that therapy really works! Click here to read the full article.

Pacific Standard 3


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