PATH contest

I’ve got the honor to have two pictures selected to be shown al the Gallery 27 at the Brooks Institute of photography in Santa Barbara. There will be an exhibition with the theme “The Path” from May 3rd to June 15th. If you are around come and give it a look. Along with my pictures, there will be other very talented photographer, and I’m really grateful to have my works displayed with some photographers that are a real inspiration to me, like Chris Broughton (you can check his website by clicking here).

These are the photos they’ve selected. The first is taken in Sori, Italy, where I spend almost every summer of my life (my mother is in fact born in Genova). The other one is a picture that I took here in Santa Barbara on a foggy and cold night. I like the fact that these photos represent together my old and my new life, and the person I am today. To me the path is the road we travel to be who we are, and the beauty of it, the beauty of a travel, is not in arriving somewhere, but resides in the road we walked. This is why I’m really happy that both these two photos have been selected, they tell together a bigger story of myself, showing the road that made me to the person I am today.


The Santa Barbara cycling way at night


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