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Since tomorrow I’ll be in charge of the editorial line of the Paradigm website. My friend Ben Flynn (who’s a great photographer too) gave me the opportunity of run his blog for a week. Paradigm is a great concept: it’s a blog like this, but of a different kind. It’s a place to share pictures that inspire you for their visual style, their content or their beauty. Or it’s simply to share something that you like. It’s more direct, as you display the picture in a grid, and you scroll down and down. It’s great if you are a visual person. First of all, because you can be inspired by watching so many pictures, and second and most important, it’s something that help you build your own style. By saying “I like it”, you become more aware of what you find interesting, of what you want to be. And most important, you get to know yourself even more. 

I’m very excited to do this! I believe that having a place where you can put the images you like, it’s like having a box where you only put the things that have a meaning, that you want to save forever.

And it’s even better to share this with others, so that they may find to have something in common with you, or even find your style boring or ugly. That’s ok, it’s part of the game.

See you on PARADIGM (click on it to check it out!)

Paradigm project


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