Finally yestererday I’ve created my website! You can see it by clicking here

The homepage of my website
the main page of my website

I’ve been working on it for almost 3 months, it’s definitively not an easy process! First you have to choose if you want a custom template (which is very expensive!) or a pre made template (a lot cheaper), then you have to buy a domain, then of course you need to have categories and a selection of pictures that you like (and they have to be edited and sized correctly), create a biography, choose the fonts, the style, decide what you want to communicate, etc…

A beautiful jellyfish

But after all, it’s worthy! Also because with digital nowadays your pictures are always kept in an hard drive all the time, far away from your sight. Sometimes they’re printed, but most of the time they wait for you to go throughout them again for a short while. It’s definitely better to have ’em displayed somewhere where you can see ’em everyday. And you fall in love with picture that you didn’t like that much, or you change your mind on your favorites ones. And you also create a layout of pictures and you see that they have a different meaning if they are close to another one, you create a new story, a new meaning. And most of all, you see where you are going, what you are, what you like and what you don’t.

Go and check out my website and feel free to reply to this post, telling what you like, what you don’t, and in this case what you would change. I would really appreciate any feedback, so don’t hesitate!


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