Digital Vs. Film

They say that digital have made photography so much easier. That in the old days with film you couldn’t see what you were taking pictures of, and since now you can do that, you can repair a bad shot instantly. Thus life is way easier nowadays… Or it should be…

I really don’t agree with this at all! I feel that not only life is not easier, but also you have to work much more! And part of this comes from the fact that shooting more doesn’t cost money. But the problem is not just “how much you shoot”. The problem is also “how much you work on a single file”. You can work for years on a single picture and always get a new one. I’ve found out that with the film pictures I already have, the 60% is “good as it is”. If you don’t process and develop the negative on your own, you already have the final picture, there’s not much you can do. And if you’ve been shooting that in black and white film, black and white will be. Maybe it’s also the fact that the beauty of film resides in its being imperfect, so you just go with it… And I love it!

Now you start from the original file, and you think “let me see thins in black and white”. Then “let me see this in black and white with more contrast”, “let me see this in black and white but with a washed out look”, “what about a sepia tone?”…. And so on…

Life is definitely not easier!

Lighroom Screenshot with different virtual copies of a portrait
Fifteen virtual copies of Lexus Gallegos, talented photographer, painter, designer and friend

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